Leader of NNP

Hon. Dr Keith Mitchell

St. George North West Constituency


Staying in touch with our community motivates me to keep moving.

My mother always told me to work hard in school. She said that I would have time to play later. I listened to her, and I believe today as she did so many years ago that education is the foundation for our children and for the future of our nation.

Caring for people. Lifting everyone up. There is no greater joy.


Fun Facts


Favourite teacher in school

Primary - Ms. Smith
Secondary - Mr. Cassian


Primary - Mathematics
Secondary- Mathematics and Chemistry

Favourite subject in school


Favourite Grenadian treat

My mother's pea soup. A lot have tried to re-create it but I think she always adds a special touch of love to it


Bob Marley

Favourite artist


Most embarrassing moment

When my party was defeated in 1990's General Elections. We were wiped out.


Red wine

Favourite drink



Watching cricket and playing dominoes

For the people who have buttressed by unity and the stability; and who have watched us turn the bitterness of politics, into a generous community of debate and sharing, we shall keep moving.

We have reached too far to turn back now. And so we will keep moving!
NNPites; Grenadians at large; patriots all – I am pleased to report that the Grenadian spirit has been revived; that hope blossoms again; that peace and stability reign; that the bitterness of the past has been washed away!

We have built a house that is welcoming to all, and our eyes have seen the glory – and so – we shall keep moving!